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Garage Door Opener Repair, Cary, NC

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You may have come across experts who claim that a garage door opener is one of the most important parts that comprise your garage door mechanism, which is not an exaggeration considering the many functions that a garage door opener is designed to perform. This all-important equipment not only secures your property against break-in attempts but also enables you in avoiding accidents while you operate your bulky garage door.

All garage door openers manufactured since 1993 come equipped with the reversal mechanism which prevents a door from closing down in case there’s an obstruction in its path. This negates the chances of injury to anyone who comes in the path of the door accidently (especially children and pets). The reversal mechanism has proved to be a game changer in the garage door industry and has helped in saving several lives since it was first introduced.

Also advanced residential garage door opener variants such as automatic garage door openers are equipped with several features and can be controlled through a handheld remote, which allows one to operate their door without getting out of their car.

Garage door openers are used day in day out, which creates friction between their different parts. This makes this equipment susceptible to corrosion and other similar problems. To avoid such issues, it is imperative that you avail quality garage door opener repair and maintenance services. It has been observed that many homeowners take the DIY path.

This course of action can backfire considering the fact that an average garage door opener consists of several sub-parts, whose functioning and mechanism are best understood by experts.

If you’re in Cary and are looking to avail specialized garage door installation or other services, we at Garage Door Repair, Cary, NC would be happy to help you out. We’re a professional service provider and have years of experience of providing troubleshooting services for different garage door parts including garage door opener.

We handle a range of garage door openers built by prominent garage door manufacturers. Some of them are mentioned below:


Some of the most prominent models from this manufacturer that we handle are:

  • ¾ HPS MY Q belt drive garage door opener with battery back up
  • ½ HP MY Q belt whisper drive garage door opener
  • 1-1/4 HPS Wi-Fi garage door opener with battery backup and ultra-quiet operation


  • LiftMaster 8365-267 ½ HP AC chain drive garage door opener
  • LiftMaster 8360 Premium series DC battery backup capable chain drive
  • LiftMaster 3240 ½ HP Screw Drive garage door opener


  • ¾ HP garage door opener
  • 1 HP garage door opener


  • Model 628 Pro series ¾ HP sectional garage door opener
  • Model 315 core series ½ HP sectional garage door opener


  • Power lift 900
  • Chain Max 1000
  • Silent Max 1000

We also deal in different types of garage door opener remotes. Some of the models which we handle are:

  • 2- Button Universal Remote: Can be synced with almost all garage door opener You can use this variant to control the functioning of two openers.
  • 3-Button Mini Remote: It is the most compact model that the market has to offer and can easily fit into your pocket. It can be used to control the opening and closing of up to 3 garage door openers.
  • 3- Button Mini remote: It can be used to control the functioning of 3 openers at the max.

Quality Services at Affordable Rates

We have a rich tradition of offering automatic garage door opener installation and other services at affordable rates. We have tirelessly worked towards ensuring that a customer does not have to dig deep into their pockets while shopping with us. At the same time, we have never compromised on quality. As a homeowner, you don’t have to fret over incurring a high cost for garage door opener while opting for our services and products.

We also stock and sell best quality garage door openers built by renowned manufacturers. These products are known for their sturdiness, durability and effectiveness. Using these models would prevent you from spending a lot on maintenance and repairs. Investing in these equipment would therefore prove to be a prudent decision in the long run.

We have an in-house technical team, which consists of experienced and adept technicians. These professionals handle a range of garage door openers and other equipment and are also knowledgeable about the common and specific problems that plague a particular model. This know-how enables them in providing effective and swift troubleshooting services to our clients.

So whether you’re using a wireless key entry system, an automatic opener or a manual opener, we’re the people to get in touch with if and when you face any problem in the functioning of your device.

Round-the-Clock Services – Our USP

We leave nothing to chance and are aware of the fact that garage door issues can arise during any time of the day. To ensure that you’re not left scampering from pillar to post to avail expert services, we provide 24/7 services, 365 days a year. In order to avail these service, you need to call our customer care department and apprise our customer care representatives about the nature of the problem that you’re facing.

The next step involves registering a formal service request. Thereafter, our customer care representatives will pass on the case to the technical department, which will deploy a team of experts to handle your case. This team will report at your location within an hour and provide a swift and effective solution to all your garage door problems.

We also handle emergency cases which are given maximum priority and are taken up on an urgent basis. The solutions to such problems are provided within the same day itself to ensure that you don’t have to face more inconveniences.

All these services are provided at no extra cost. We have always believed in offering quality services at affordable prices. You can also request for a free estimate to get a fair picture of the costs that you’d have to incur to get your faulty garage door equipment repaired or maintained from our experts.


We’re never far away when it comes to providing quality services in Cary, NC. All you need to do is give us a call and register your service request. You can also request for an appointment according to your convenience.

We also assure you that our team takes care of all the waste products that gets accumulated during the course of a project by disposing them of safely and effectively. This saves you from the hassles of getting rid of unwanted clutter.

Visit our website or call our customer care representatives to know more about our services and the products that we deal in.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on most everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

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